Problems with Crosman 1377

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Problems with Crosman 1377

Postby Tanavon » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:14 pm

So I rebuilt the gun. That fixed the leaks, but I have not received the steel breech with bolt yet. So I put it back to the old configuration to shoot it. The slide breech is carp. using a BB with the magnetic bolt is fine. But a pellet there is way too much variance and you can not drop it in and slide the bolt forward. You have to drop it in the breech with the front of the barrel pointing to the ground. This sets the pellet in the breech properly sometimes. Other times it gets in side ways and I have to use a coat hanger wire to pop it out. Its a real pain in the rear and a bad design flaw. My Benjamin rifle you drop in the pellet slide the bolt forward and its in place. Every time it works. Will the steel breech with bolt work like my Benjamin?
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